2004027 - Clown toilet


Dimensions product:

Height              :79,00 cm / 31,10 inches

Width               :48,00 cm / 18,90 inches

Depth              :47,00 cm / 18,50 inches

Dimensions shipping carton:


Height              :82,50 cm / 32,48 inches        

Width               :52,50 cm / 20,66 inches        

Depth              :52,50 cm / 20,66 inches        


Height              :60,00 cm / 23,62 inches

Width               :39,00 cm / 15,35 inches

Depth              :43,00 cm / 16,93 inches

                                      2 boxes:

Packaging weight: 15,17 kg / 33,37 lbs


Complete including:

-Small sized toilet

-Closet bend


-Attention: flushing tank and optional wooden blocks not included


Material specification:

This product is made of 5 to 6mm thick polyester, and is coated with a matt varnish. With this coating the product is resistant against all kinds of cleaning materials. We use the same coating on our products as been used in the car industry, so you can clean our products just like a car. (do not use an abrasive sponge) Also you can clean our products with water pressure.


Important tips for installation: 

  • Let your installation be performed by a specialised installation company.
  • There are two possible ways to install the product
    1. Mount the product to the optional wooden blocks, which are attached to the wall, like we  describe in the assembly procedure below (see example picture below)
    2. Place the product free on top of the small sized toilet without any connection to the wall  so you can clean below the toilet. (this assembly procedure is not described)
  • There is no extra space between the backside of the toilet and the wall. (see enclosed technical details of the small sized toilet)
  • We advice you to use a silicon putty for gluing around the product for both assembly methods.


Assembly procedure:

  1. 1.Mount the small sized toilet on the floor with the closet bend.
  2. 2.Place the product over the small sized toilet and draw two small marks on both sides of the product on the wall for the wooden blocks.
  3. 3.Remove the product and screw the two wooden blocks against the wall, 5mm from the inside of the marks, so the toilet will fit over. (see example drawing below)
  4. 4.Place the product back over the toilet.
  5. 5.Attach the toilet to the wooden blocks from the outside.
  6. 6.After mounting the product, put some putty around the product so water and dirt gets no chance to get behind the product.

Extra details: 

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