2004030 - Leaf big standing, with feet.

2004030 eng

Dimensions product: 

Height            :31,50 cm / 12,40 inches

Width             :61,00 cm / 24,01 inches

Lenght           :53,00 cm / 20,86 inches


Dimensions shipping carton:


Height            :37,00 cm / 14,56 inches

Width             :67,00 cm / 26,37 inches

Lenght           :58,00 cm / 22,83 inches


Packaging weight:  3,5 kg / 7,70 LBS

“weight incl. toilet:   11 kg / 24,20 LBS


Complete including: 

Toilet standing with feet.

Screws for toilet

Screws for leaf

Attention: flushing tank not included.


Material specificatiën: 

This product is made of 5 to 6mm thick polyester, and is coated with a matt varnish. With this coating the product is resistant against all kinds of cleaning materials. We use the same coating on our products as been used in the car industry, so you can clean our products just like a car. (do not use an abrasive sponge) Also you can clean our products with water pressure.


Important tips for installation: 

  • The leaf will be mounted in the same way as a normal toilet seat, only Kindersanitair provides longer mounting screws incl.
  • Optional. glue the leaf on the toilet (eg. mounting glue) this way it’s more difficult to clean the toilet


Assembly procedure: 

  1. Place the leaf on top of the toilet 
  2. Place the toilet in place.
  3. Remove the leaf from the toilet.
  4. Install the toilet on his place
  5. Mount the leaf on top of the toilet with the mounting screws.