2003010 - Raccoon shower


Dimensions product:

Height       :78,00 cm / 30,71 inches.

Width        :16,50 cm / 6,50 inches.

Length      :38,00 cm / 14,96 inches.

Dimensions shipping carton:

Height       :80,00 cm / 31,50 inches.

Width        :24,00 cm / 9,45 inches.

Length      :45,00 cm / 17,72 inches.

Packaging weight:            5,69 kg / 12,51 lbs.


Complete including:

-Standard hand shower

-Efflux brass 1/2” x 1/4”

-Extension brass 1/2” x 30mm

-Flexible water supply 1/2” x 3/4” and 35cm / 13,78 inches.

-Attention! Automatic mixing or water (pressure) control not included.


Material specification:

This product is made of 5 to 6mm thick polyester, and is coated with a matt varnish. With this coating the product is resistant against all kinds of cleaning materials. We use the same coating on our products as been used in the car industry, so you can clean our products just like a car. (do not use an abrasive sponge) Also you can clean our products with water pressure.


Important tips for installation: 

  • Let your installation be performed by a specialised installation company.
  • Normal height of the showerhead, for children between 3 and 9 years old is 175 to 180 cm 68,90 to 70,87 inches,  measured from the floor. Optional: In most cases a stage of 50cm / 19,69 inches has been placed, so parents can    wash their children on appropriate height.
  • Screw the product securely to the wall with a rubber ring for the screw. This prevents the product may crack if you    tighten it too hard.
  • After mounting the product, put some putty around the product so water and dirt gets no chance to get behind the  product, also for extra reinforcement. 
  • When connecting the efflux to the product, please use appropriate thread seal tape (water resistant).             
  • We advice you to use a silicon putty for gluing around the product and use a panel and construction adhesive for gluing the showerhead in the product.


Assembly procedure:

  1. Take the two brass effluxes out of the box.
  2. Seal the effluxes with the thread seal tape.
  3. Take care that the product is placed between the two brass extensions, in the appropriate hole for the shower, when you fit together.
  4. Seal the showerhead with thread seal tape.
  5. Fit the showerhead to the brass extension on the front side of the product.
  6. Mount the flexible hose to the brass extension.
  7. Hold the product to the wall so you can mark the 3 mounting holes on the wall. (you can find the mounting holes at the inside of the product)
  8. Drill the marked holes.
  9. Mount the plugs in the wall.
  10. Mount the flexible water supply to the wall.
  11. Mount the product to the wall.
  12. After mounting the product, put some putty around the product so water and dirt gets no chance to get behind the product.