Who We are

logo 2Kindersanitair is a subsidiary of Joop van den Heuvel with a playful theme of Children's Sanitary. We are specialized in decorating sanitary facilities with the products we have within our assortment, such as washbowls, mirrors, toilets, showers, baby baths and many more.

Kindersanitair is a wholesaler / manufacturer of various themed children's sanitary products.
We design and manufacture all our products our selfs and then sell them through our distribution network.
Through our distribution network we can serve our customers directly in the question that arises, and with the knowledge that the customer can buy our products from a provider in their own region, gives the customer more confidence to buy and use our high quality products.
Where we have not managed to find a reseller, there the company Kindersanitair sells directly to the final consumption also.

The children’s sanitary products were created by the company Joop van den Heuvel in 2003.
The company Joop van den Heuvel has been active with 3D decorations and creations since 1989 and has established a well-known reputation by the many successful projects at all kinds of locations in Europe and around the world.
Due to the expanding success of the children’s sanitary products the company Kindersanitair has become an independent company in 2009. However, the relation with the company Joop van den Heuvel is still very important. In cooperation with the company Joop van den Heuvel we are able to create custom designed products and also complete decorations of sanitary facilities with standard Kindersanitair products combined into it.

Kindersanitair offers you a whole new experience for children between 0 and 9 year, for in your own
sanitary facility

Quality, service and experience gets our highest attention and priority.

Theming knows no boundaries and everything is possible with KINDERSANITAIR.


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